About Pemberton Capital

We only invest in established and viable business


Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage industry has a great potential for growth and is offered at a good value for money, which makes it very appealing to our investors.

Niche Industrials

Niche Industrials

These companies are likely to be resilient in periods of slow or no economic growth that opens opportunities for making viable business investments.

Support Services

Support Services

Within the Support Services industry, these companies have a chance to bring our investors a significant return, due to their stability in the market.

At Pemberton Capital, thorough research and rigorous analysis drives the investment process. We will only invest in established and viable businesses where the business can be acquired for good value, sometimes immediately prior to or during a formal insolvency process. The investment team is highly experienced in deal sourcing and deal structuring in the underperforming and distressed arena.
Our focus on financially distressed companies in a limited range of sectors differentiates us from other investment firms and enhances our ability to create value in the companies in which we invest.

Core questions for our investments

Pemberton focuses only on businesses that operate in a profitable niche with a sustainable competitive position.

Pemberton invests in businesses with defensible qualities, including real or other tangible assets, intangible assets that have value notwithstanding the distress (such as established brands or protected intellectual property), a market niche or one or more relatively robust core operations.

Pemberton focuses on businesses that are financially, rather than operationally or commercially, distressed, where appropriately targeted investment allied with financial restructuring can eliminate the distress without any fundamental change in strategy or operations. Pemberton focuses on businesses which are profitable or which have recently been profitable.

In addition to the partners’ expertise, Pemberton Capital retains an executive panel of senior business people, who assist with commercial due diligence and where necessary, ongoing involvement with the business. This allows us a high degree of oversight in the business and provides the opportunity for our own team to add shareholder value. Because we only take majority stakes, we ensure that we always have the ability to make the changes we think are required.

We avoid deals which involve having to pay full market value in a competitive auction process. Instead, Pemberton seeks to invest where it can acquire a viable business at a discount to intrinsic value, often as a result of some temporary financial distress. In particular, the UK’s insolvency regime provides investors with the opportunity to acquire the business of an insolvent company debt free, in an accelerated sale. Our knowledge of the UK insolvency market gives Pemberton privileged access to deals of this nature.

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